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Hiiii, it's me

I always feel like writing an "about me" section is like putting together a dating profile (which actually worked for me, I met my husband that way!). But let me be honest with you, I'm just a typical married woman in my 30s with two kids. That doesn't really tell you much about me though. I'm not the type to just show up to a wedding, take some pictures, and then disappear forever. Throughout the whole planning process, we will be texting and talking on the phone. I'll be checking out your Pinterest boards, following you on Instagram and sliding into your messages with ideas, and I hope you'll do the same for me! That's how I like to build real connections with my couples and find common ground. Weddings can be long and emotional days, so it's important to have someone you feel comfortable with - someone you can laugh, cry, and even change in front of. That just takes time and just good ol' fashioned effort - and that's just more "me".


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