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Hi there!

 5 things about me:

1. I'm an extrovert. I can talk to anyone and especially your Aunt Linda when it comes to her putting away her phone during the unplugged ceremony. I can also happily wrangle all 16 members of the wedding party- and guess what? We'll all be smiling doing it. Because... I'm not saying I'm hilarious, but you will leave our session wondering if I'm a part time comedian. (JK, you absolutely won't)


2. I'm not scared of crying babies, screaming children, and the general chaos at family sessions. I have two kids myself, I GET IT to the core of my soul. Sometimes that means playing Bluey in my pocket so they smile or stopping for a snack break because they're hangry. We will make it work and it'll be worth it, I promise :) 

3. I do listen to Pitbull unironically and probably will on the way to our session. This can be shocking to people, so I felt the need to mention it. 


4. My happy place is Hawaii. I know, BASIC. But I have so many special memories there, getting engaged, married and my son's first time at the beach. If won the lotto, ya girl would be doing photography on the sand 24/7.


5. "I'm not a businessman-- I'm a BUSINESS, man" - Jay-Z, but also me. I'm self taught, self made, and self paid BABAYYY. I've been in the photography biz for 4 years and SHP is my second love, my 3rd baby, and my dream. I can't even fully describe how much I love what I do and how seriously I take you trusting me to capture your big and small moments.  Everyday I wake up and kiss the pillow I sleep on to get to be able to do this for you and for a living. 


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