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4 Tips for Natural Posing

"I'm so awkward in front of the camera!"

"What should I be doing with my hands?"

"I'm just so shy!"

I've heard it all before and wasn't shocked when Chloe told me at her shoot. If you're like me and see this gorgeous girl and think HOW?!? Well......she's not alone because being camera shy is so common it's almost crazy when someone is working. those. poses. *snaps in Ru Paul*

So I have a few tips on how I like to get people to loosen up and let your inner model out.

  1. Don't be afraid to put on music. I like to ask my clients what they listen to and will have it playing if possible. Sometimes when you hear your favorite song, it's hard NOT to do a little dance. Movement in pictures is so important. The alternative can be looking stiff and no matter how hard you're smiling in the photo, it can show. So twirl, sway, or throw a hand up, it doesn't matter because if you're enjoying yourself- that's what is going to get captured.

2. Use what your mama gave ya. Using your hair, hands, eyes or even backside - doesn't matter. You know your best side and what you love about yourself, so use it to your advantage. Long flowy hair? Do an ear tuck, twirl a piece in your fingers, or even just mess it up a little bit.

3. Bring someone who makes you laugh. If you're doing a couples shoot - perfect! Because I love having couples interact or say their inside jokes that I know are bound to bring a smile. Even for senior shoots, I encourage people to bring a friend along who can pull out the carefree side of you. Sometimes you just need a hype man and our friends and family can be the best for that. I love this photo below because all you see is a huge real smile ( the kind that takes over your whole face ) and it was because her bestie was off to the side cracking jokes.

4. Me. LOL - I know what your thinking and yes I agree - I'm full of myself, BUT, it's my job (any photographers job really) to make you feel comfortable, safe, and positive. It's my job to worry about posing and angles. Your only job is to bring your beautiful self and have fun. I might ask you to do some weird sounding prompts (ahem the "hold the pea" pose) or my favorite "kiss attack" for couples. But their mostly to get rid of any stiffness or bring our natural movements and smiles.

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