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Do's & Dont's: Family Photography

Here's a quick little guide to help you get the kinda pinterest worthy inspo pictures you want.

1. Do think outside the box for location.

- We have such gorgeous locations here, why do we choose the same places ? I know there are popular photo spots for a reason, but with them comes crowds. Waiting in line with other families to get that perfect shot (seriously..that's happened!) can make sessions longer, kids crankier, and your outfit less fresh.

Don't be afraid to name a place.

- Want Joshua Tree but you feel like its too far? Speak up! A lot of time photographers are down to do something out of the norm and travel. Palm Springs Windmills? Sign me up!

2. Do know your family.

-Truthfully, I'm a morning person. I like things to get done and out of the way and it's when I'm the most productive. I also know for my family, we are "more together" in the morning. My son is not cranky, I've had my Starbucks, and my husband can usually be coaxed with the promise of a free afternoon.

Don't worry about having a preference.

- These are your pictures. They are not cheap and a lot goes into planning them. If your set on golden hour, don't let someone push you into a time slot you do not want.

3. Do plan your outfits!

- I literally cannot stress enough how outfits can make or break a picture. (Oh yes, I will be doing a blog on this next week). Take a look on pinterest or IG...those inspo pics you send? Those outfits were carefully thought out- probably even curated. You don't need to go buy all outfits, but you do need to do some planning.

Don't think only 2 colors.

- Think more of 4-5 and mix patterns! Everyone in a black top? That can turn into floating heads quickly. Don't be afraid of mixing and matching- it will look more timeless, true to life, and most likely make you more comfortable. Shopping in your own closet and already using the pieces you love or buying a dress that will not only work for the session but your daily life as well.

Next week I'll be breaking down great color combinations and clients who got an A+ in outfit planning.

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