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Family Fall Fits 🍁

Hey Hi Hello !

September is a day away (thank god!!) and the NUMBER ONE question I get asked about is outfits! I’ve put together a little style guide to help you stay away from being too “matchy matchy” and the 2010’s style of everyone in the same damn thing (think everyone in jeans and white tops). Hopefully this guide makes each family matter pop in the photo instead of blend in 🧡

First up, the desert!

The desert is quite literally dead and dry which equals a lot tans and browns, with the occasional pop of color from cactus. The best way to stand out in a sea of beige is darker and richer colors. You can still do lights and whites but I find the darker colors give such a nice bold contrast.

Next up, the beach!

The beach is all glowy skyline against the sea and blue waves crashing into bubbling whites….it’s my happy place as you can see 😂. I really love the keep the beach neutral with pops of color but mostly light and airy. Other colors that really work and stand out on the beach are red and orange.

On to, a field!

Here in southern California, our fall fields are dead ☠️. That doesn’t mean they are any less gorgeous but here where I really think greens and whites stand out.

And lastly!

What I believe to be that ultimate fail safe color palate. Works anywhere, can be dressed up or down, can be jeans and dresses or a blue suit and a white dress (umm hello it’s a popular wedding look for a reason!) There are universally flattering colors in the palate for all and easiest to shop for.

Hope this little guide was helpful! Feel free to play a little drinking game to this guide as well. Take a shot everytime I said “pop”, it’s guaranteed you won’t be standing by the end of this sentence.


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